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Standard Process uses all natural ingredients and whole foods first.It is grown in soil that uses no chemicals or pesticides, and is manufactured in a ''cold process'' to maintain their potency and viability.The supplements are processed to capture the raw nutrients of the plants and are  preserved in a low temperature, high vacuum process. They are monitored to ensure precise sealing and correct measurement . The supplements are then stored in amber glass bottles for freshness and to block light from deteriorating products which may damage the product.

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Some of the many supplements we offer:

-Zypan                                -Catalyn

-Symplex F                          -Cod Liver Oil -

-Calcium Lactate                 -Catalyn -

-Enzycore -SP Complete      -Whole Foods Fiber

-Cataplex B12                      -Glucosamine Synergy

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Multivitamin          Cholesterol         Joint Health

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