• "Dr. Judy and her staff are miracle workers! I had an epidural go wrong when I had my son 18yrs ago. I was temporarily paralyzed and for the last 18yrs, I have had to be very careful with my lower back/spine. I've been to other chiropractors in the past with no success. On my 3rd visit with Dr. Judy & her staff, my back is cured. She also got the burning (from hours of computer/mouse use) in my right shoulder blade to go away. Thank you for everything!"
    Leila V.
  • "I’ve suffered head and back pain for almost 2 years! My biggest concern were my constant migraines and headaches that I dealt with everyday. After seeing doctors and neurologists I finally decided to seek a chiropractor. Many of my family members go to Dr. Judy and I see why. After only a couple visits my head pains are almost non existent and back pain is gone! Everyone who works here are very welcoming and humble. Dr. Judy is the best of the best!"
    Brianna D.
  • "She isn't your typical chiropractor...she's a person who goes out of her way on her off time to treat you. She also takes a personal interest in your well being. Highly recommend her to anyone."
    Frank E.
  • "I have used Dr. Judy on two occasions. Two years ago I was dealing with a very sore lower back. In only a few appointments my back was was feeling much better. This Jan. I came to AZ. to spend 3 months golfing. The first week I was here I hurt my back. I couldn't swing a golf club because of my back, which ultimately worked its way to my groin. After 8 days and 4 appointments my back has not felt this good in years. When I get up in the morning I have no pain or stiffness. I was back golfing in a week. Thanks Dr. Judy"
    Alan S.
  • "Thank you Dr. Judy for making my back so much better. I have had back problems for years which caused me considerable pain when walking. I could only go short distances before your intervention. Now, I am able to go approximately a mile at a time with only a cane!"
    Larry H.
  • "Dr. Judy is fantastic. The steps that her and her staff take to properly adjust each person is rare among chiropractors. She truly cares about each person and is friendly and kind. I love Dr. Judy!"
    Jordan K.
  • "I've seen Dr.Judy off and on for the last year and she continues to amaze me. My latest visit was yesterday...besides my usual neck/shoulder and lower back pain, I had tripped a week and a half ago which resulted in a sore foot/ankle. Dr.Judy worked on me for less than 15 minutes total (neck/shoulder, lower back and foot) and I walked out without any pain and I'm still feeling great! Thank you Dr.Judy...I'm always grateful to you for your treatment."
    Gail K.
  • "I found Dr. Judy after seeing another chiropractor that I dearly loved for 15 years. However, I could not take driving the 120 mile round trip every other week any longer. Got a referral to Dr. Judy from my Naturopathic physician and have never been happier. Dr. Judy always takes great care of me and she is a genuinely kind and loving individual. Very happy I found her! Check her out... you will be happy too."
    Bart B.
  • "I have been to several chiropractors both in AZ and out of state. After recently returning to AZ I returned to Dr. Judy. She recommended a Posture- medic so I could easily do the proper stretching and exercises. I was amazed at how I was able to get some muscle tightness to release that I hadn't been able to with my other bands. I began to feel better in just a few days and am continuing to feel stronger. I appreciate Dr Judy's commitment toward learning and improving. She has updated equipment and gives a very thorough adjustment. Besides that she and her staff are kind, caring, professional, and have a great sense of humor!"
    Eva A.
  • "I have bad scoliosis. Before Going to doctor Judy there were days I couldn't get out of bed or when I did I would fall to my knees. To my amazement she helped me heal within 3 months. I would recommend her. I never believed in chiropractic care until I went to A Healing Chiropractic. Ps. Her staff is incredible too!"
    Angelina C.
  • "New in town & needed an adjustment NOW! Even though Dr. Judy was booked, she worked me in & stayed late! WOW!! Talk about forever grateful! The staff is all amazing & the environment, very healing. The techniques are all very therapeutic & skill level is very high, from my experience. I feel as though I've been to good chiropractors, but I honestly think Dr. Judy is my favorite & the most skilled & thorough. I'm very glad to have discovered her & will be seeing her regularly. Prices are normal, which is nice! Sometimes people overprice their services & no matter how good the service is, if one cannot afford to go regularly, it doesn't matter how good the services are anyway. I highly recommend her to anyone in need, especially if you live life more naturally. She seems to have a natural perspective to life & her personal experiences enhance her service. Thanks so much & see you all soon, ladies!"
    Becky D.
  • "I am so thankful for having found Dr. Judy! When I was about 36 weeks pregnant, I started having debilitating pain in my right hip. I could only walk with a limp unless I was taking Tylenol but that would only help temporarily. My OB said the pain is normal and will go away after delivery. After delivery, I still had the pain. It was so bad, when I would walk my hip would give out and I would lose my balance. I was terrified I was going to fall with my newborn. After the first visit, I could already tell a difference. I was taking less pain reliever. After two visits, I could almost walk without a limp. After month. I was taking zero pain relief and had extremely minor pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Judy if you are having hip/joint pain due to pregnancy, she can really help!"
    Kelcie K.
  • "I have seen Dr. Judy and her staff over the past few years on an intermittent basis, depending on my physical condition at that time. I had always thought that once you start with a Chiropractor, you will never be able to stop. That could not be further from the truth with DR. Judy. She is such a wonderful professional and you move at your pace based upon your needs. My most recent experience left me walking with a cane. Within 1 week, 4 visits i was pain free without a cane and back doing what i wanted. These words cannot do justice to how they continue to put me back together after each one of my workout injuries. What a great team of people!"
    Larry L.
  • "I had low back sciatic pain and scoliosis, before coming to Dr Judy for chiropractic treatments my pain level was about a nine now after four short weeks I am happy to say it's about a three . I am very pleased with my progress so far and I would highly recommend Dr Judy to anyone seeking chiropractic care . Dr Judy and her staff are very caring and friendly."
    Judy B.
  • "Dr.Judy is amazing. I had a bad experience a number of years ago with a chiropractor. I had a problem with my back and my karate instructor recommended Dr Judy. My back kept getting worse and I made the appointment . I never regretted making the call and I am still a patient 3 months later, without the back pain! Thank you Dr Judy!"
    Stephen B
  • "I went to Dr. Judy for help after MRI results for Arthritis and Spinal Stenosis. My Doctor said surgery is not always helpful and she prescribed a walker!! A Walker!! No way. Now, after going to Dr. Judy for a few months I am walking 3/4 of a mile each night. I walk that quarter mile for my dog but if I can do that then you know my everyday activities are greatly improved! Natural remedies are the best. Thank you, you are a Healing Chiropractor!
    Penny F."